One Door Closes, Another Opens

It doesn’t take a lot for me to get down on myself. The littlest of things can send me spiraling down an unhealthy road of self-loathing and that goes double for when I can’t figure out what I “did wrong”. Let’s just say my first trip into the trading portion of Trading Card Database was one of these little things.

At first I thought I had finally found the person to end my 1991 Upper Deck Football misery. A single solitary soul to bestow upon me the final 59 cards to complete this mission. He had his lists of wants clearly stated and a 59 card for 59 card trade was agreed upon. My end went in the mail immediately and within a week it was marked that he had received my shipment and that his end was going out. This is where I should have begun to be suspicious.

It was my first transaction on the site so it took me a bit to get the marking options sorted. In retrospect possibly a bit more usage of the TCDB tools could have saved me the cavalcade of headaches that laid before me. Nevertheless, I sat and waited. And waited.

I never once received a tracking number. Past the initial acceptance of the offer and the marking of their package as sent, my trade partner would never communicate with me again in any fashion. And as usual I took this as me doing something wrong?

Frantically I typed up message after message seeing if my cards did indeed arrive and if so did USPS not turn them into confetti. Crickets. I offered to send out another 59 cards because maybe this was the world’s most pathetic extortion case. Crickets. Eventually the acceptance of what had befell me needed to happen and I had to regroup and try again to finish my set. As tiring as it is to be the better man, I’ll leave the prick’s name out of this blog. If you really want to know any of the details, my handle is at the bottom I ain’t hard to find.

I took to Twitter through countless threads and like in the past there were plenty of folks willing to help, just without the high series cards I was searching for. Yet as the calendar turned to 2021 my luck turned.

During a Midwest Box Breaks Set Builder Sunday thread on Twitter, I got a reply stating that they might have all 59 of these cards. After two months of radio silence and self-questioning, it took @fantaybballguy all of ten minutes to wrangle all of my checklist, one day to get it in the post, and less than a week for these two chock-filled plastic boxes to arrive at my front door.

59 reasons to erase two months of negative energy

When I say I was shocked please don’t take this as an indictment of the person I was dealing with. They were incredibly communicative, helpful, and eager to work with me. The shock came from finally being done. I began chasing this set on February 1, 2020 and the number of hoops I jumped through from eBay sellers cancelling items to miscommunication with potential traders to my TCDB saga, the fact that all 700 cards from this set are now in my possession, despite how trivial and dumb that sounds to the normal human being, doesn’t feel real.

But indeed it is and we move on to Set Five of The Rippin’ And The Tradin’! I will hopefully have a poll up by the end of the weekend and would wholeheartedly appreciate as much input and votes on it as you are willing to give and please go follow Daniels and Midwest Box Breaks on Twitter because without them my dumb ass would still be yelling into a void about Herman Moore and Tony Casillas.

You can also follow me on Twitter if you enjoy unwitty banter and reposts of stuff more talented people do. The handle for that sterling account is @TREVORutley. See you all real soon!

One thought on “One Door Closes, Another Opens

  1. Congrats on finally finishing the set, I look forward to steering you towards your next adventure 🙂

    Oh, and as someone who is just starting to do some trading on the TCDB, I really would be curious to know who this shady person was, as I’d really like to avoid them if possible?


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